Below you will find a list of all the most relevant events pertinent to MONET project. Such a list contains:
  • Scheduled events related to MONET, and
  • Events where MONET partners will be present (basically meetings open to public, e.g. public workshop, or dissemination events where we will be present).

Date and Location MONET partners Event Name Main Participants Objective Results for MONET 
9th September 2009, Madrid, Spain ISDEFE Crisis Management and Emergencies Spanish Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Emergencies and Civil Protection. Dissemination activity of MONET scope and usefulness; obtain their support to collect end-user requirements. The involvement achieved from them for MONET project is as observers.
7th-8th April 2010, Toulouse, FranceASTR, ISDEFE, CRAT, UNISISI General AssemblyISI members and  EC/ESA representatives.ISI General Assembly + New organisation of working groups + ISI key roles elections.Introduction to MONET project carried out during the Security working group discussion.
12th April 2010, Fire Brigade Office in Madrid, Spain ISDEFE Dissemination activities towards Madrid City Police Members of ICT Communication Department of Madrid Police. Explaining MONET concept and obtaining their support as potential end users. The involvement achieved from them for MONET project is as observers.
14th-16th April 2010, Portoroz, SloveniaURSZR17th Days of Slovene Informatics, URSZR, , Portoroz, SloveniaSlovene IT representatives.Presentation of the MONET concept.MONET concept presented to the Slovene IT (research, public sector, private sector) community.
25th-27th May 2010, Cambridge, UK UNIS ETSI Combined Satellite Broadband Multimedia (BSM) and the Mobile Satellite Subsystems (MSS) meeting BSM community and satellite sectors. Presentation of MONET Concept and idea to BSM community. Appreciated feedback for the MONET project from the meeting.
7th June 2010, Madrid, Spain ALL MONET End-users Workshop Madrid local police, Madrid civil protection and SAMUR (Madrid medical emergency services). Gather information about MONET functional requirements, architecture, implementation and demonstration features. Very appreciated information for the MONET project from the interaction.
9th June 2010, Paris, FranceASTRPresentation to the French MoD (DGA)French EDA IAP4 representant and Technical expert from CELAR.Presentation of the MONET challenges in the Public Safety to assess the possible re-use of such concept in the Military domain.Presentation of MONET project.
15th-18th June 2010, Vienna, AustriaURSZRPSCE – Public Safety Communication ForumCivil Protection audience, IT and Communication representatives of technical research industry and companies.Presentation of the MONET concept.MONET concept presented to the audience.
30th November 2010, Bruxelles, BelgiumASTR, ISDEFE, CRAT, UNIS, TEKEVERISI General AssemblyISI members.ISI General Assembly + Panels on satellite use (broadband, security and financial mechanisms).Presentation of MONET project to the Assembly + Dissemination to ISI members, EC representatives.
10th-11th February 2011, Thales Alenia Space in Toulouse, France UNIS ETSI BSM#45 meeting BSM community and satellite sectors. Presentation of MONET Concept and idea to BSM community. Update of the latest state of MONET results.
7th and 8th June 2011, Brussels, BelgiumTEK, ASTRPSCE - Public Safety Communication Forum - First event 2011 PSC Europe secretary GeneralParticipation and discussions during the PSC Europe Forum ConferenceDiscussion for setting up a dedicated MONET dissemination session during one of the 2012 Conferences
30th of November and 1st of December 2011, Warsaw, PolandASTRPSCE - Public Safety Communication Forum - Second event 2011PSC Europe secretary GeneralDissemination and future demonstration Follow up of the discussion to set up a dissemination event during the 2012 session.
28th-30th November 2011, Nara, JapanASTRAIAA International Communication Satellite System Conference (ICSSC)Research & IndustryDisseminationPresentation of MONET project – Identification of potential synergies
28th February 2012, Brussels, BelgiumASTRSpaceEU - Conférence et "matchmaking"Research & IndustryDisseminationDissemination of MONET project along with the distribution of dedicated brochure.
30th-31st May 2012, Helsinki, FinlandTEK, ASTR, UNIS,
PSCE - Public Safety Communication Europe Forum - First event 2012 (PSCE) PSC Europe secretary General External dissemination event of the MONET projectPresentation of MONET project.

Information on other events (such as presentation of papers to international conferences and personal interview to experts of the sector) can be found here.