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Title of the paperQoS Assurance in MANETs using Flow Aware Admission Control–Multipath Protocol
Author(s)M.Asif, Z.Sun, H.Cruickshank and N.Ahmad
LocationOrlando (Florida) USA 
Date17th-19th  November  2011
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AbstractThe emergence of MANET supported applications and the subsequent widespread acceptance is facilitated by the development and availability of cheap wireless Wi-Fi devices. It is on this premise that Flow-Aware Admission Control (FAAC) protocol is designed to improve the throughput assurance of MANET-based applications. The work presented in this paper is an extension of our designed FAAC protocol to guarantee the provisioning of QoS in many mobile scenarios. The source node is designed to maintain multiple paths to each destination with the reliability of the routes maintained through nodes disjointness. The designed FAAC-Multipath protocol is equipped with the intermediate route repair mechanism to enable the intermediate node to carry out route repair locally without contacting the source node. We have illustrated the effectiveness of FAAC-Multipath with the state of the art admission control protocols.
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