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Title of the paperRouting Protocol in Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems: A Survey
Author(s)C. Suthaputchakun and Z. Sun
JournalIEEE Communications Magazine, vol.49, no.12, pp.150-156, December 2011
AbstractCommunication technology for vehicles has become an important topic for research. IEEE standards including IEEE 802.11p and IEEE P1609.1-4 have emerged to provide a framework for intervehicular communication (IVC). However, due to particular characteristics of IVC, such as high mobility, unstable connectivity, and network partitioning, information routing becomes inevitably challenging. This article reviews the recent research progress to highlight research challenges in vehicular routing protocol as a guideline for future development of IVC applications. The article focuses on the IEEE DSRC/WAVE standard. The state of the art in IVC routing protocols is surveyed, and open issues for further research are highlighted in the article.
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