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Title of the paperQoS Provisioning in Contention Aware MANETs using Flow-Aware Admission Control Protocol
Author(s)M.Asif, Z.Sun, H.Cruickshank and N.Ahmad
LocationRome, Italy
Date20th-26th July 2011
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AbstractThe popularity of MANETs- based applications is on the rise by the day and this includes the use of multimedia application over MANETs. The existing routing protocols provide best effort service, but do not provide any guarantee of Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning. Admission control based approach is desirable and plays a vital role in maintaining QoS for MANET-based applications.In this paper, we present a novel Flow–Aware Admission Control (FAAC) protocol that will maintain guaranteed throughput to the applications requiring QoS. FAAC protocol is designed to utilize the caching mechanism of the Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol. It will be implemented in two stages: the first stage is searching the cache for untested paths from source to destinations and initiating the route search before checking the nodes resources. The second stage will include checking of local and carrier sensing neighbors’ resources. The protocol is implemented using C++ within NS-2 simulation environment and validated to check the effect of newly admitting traffic over admitted data traffic. The newly arrival data traffic was blocked if it degrades existing data traffic when there is no enough network resources to support it.