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Title of the paperA Cost-Aware Multi-Path Routing Protocol For Multi-Interface Multi-Channel MANET
Author(s)L. Sudan, D. He, Z. Sun et al.
LocationRome, Italy
Date20th-26th July 2011
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AbstractThe intrinsic property of a MIMC (multi-interface multi-channel) network makes the routing in wireless ad hoc networks more diverse. Traditional ad hoc routing protocols can not make good use of the potential introduced by MIMC. In this paper, a cost-aware multi path routing protocol for MIMC ad hoc networks is proposed. Path cost is measured by link load and interference. The costs spread along the forward direction of RREQ and RREP messages. Then by improving the disjoint path criteria and reverse/forward path process, a RREQ/RREP Waiting Mechanism is proposed. A flow based data forwarding procedure is designed to decrease the interference between different flows. We applied this protocol to some network scenarios. Simulation results show the new protocol can significantly improve flow’s throughput.