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Title of the paperCome-Stop-Leave (CSL): A Geographic Routing for Intermittently Connected Networks Using Delegation Replication Approach
Author(s)Y.Cao, Y.Wang, S.Kang, and Z. Sun
LocationAnaheim (California) USA
Date3rd-7thDecember 2012
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AbstractDue to sparse network density, geographic routing in Intermittently Connected Networks (ICNs) suffers from challenges for making the feasible routing decision and handling the local maximum problem, which is in contrast with the conventional geographic approaches in Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs) relying on high network density. In this paper, we firstly explore the Delegation Replication (DR) approach to overcome the limitation of the geometric metric adopted in our proposed Come Phase to promote message replication coming towards destination, requiring pairwise encountered nodes moving towards destination. Regarding the proposed Leave Phase, using DR also enhances to prevent message replication leaving away from destination. In addition, we handle the local maximum problem addressing the mobility of mobile nodes and message lifetime. Considering the temporarily stationary movement via Stop Phase, evaluation results show the advantage of the proposed Come-Stop-Leave (CSL) in terms of delivery ratio, average delivery latency as well as overhead ratio.