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Title of the paperDynamic Uplink Frame Optimization with ACM in DVB-RCS2 Satellite Networks
Author(s)A. Pietrabissa, A. Fiaschetti
LocationRome, Italy
Date2nd-5th October 2012
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AbstractIn current generation of satellite networks, modulation and coding schemes can be dynamically changed in real-time to face different link conditions. Therefore, the link budget is no more required to be computed under the worst-case, with relevant advantages in terms of efficiency. The new DVB-RCS2 standard extends the dynamic modulation and coding to the return link: by using different modulation and coding schemes within the uplink frame, the terminals experiencing good link conditions transmit at very high bitrates, while the terminals experiencing fade events transmit at lower bitrates. This paper addresses the problem of optimizing the uplink frame modulation and coding schemes based on the current link conditions experienced by the terminals and on their transmission capacity requirements. The problem is formulated as an Integer Program and an efficient Linear Program approximation is proposed. Simulation results validate the proposed approach.