Conference papers

Title of the paper On Optimizing Hybrid Ad-hoc and Satellite Networks – the MONET Approach
Author(s) A. Oliveira, Z. Sun, M. Monier, P. Boutry, D. Gimenez, A. Pietrabissa, K. B. Juros
Location Florence, Italy
Date 16-18 June 2010
Link to event page Future Network & Mobile Summit 2010
Abstract The potential of Mobile wireless Ad hoc Networks (MANET) is significantly high. However, MANET applications often happen in infrastructure-less or remote regions where remote connectivity to the outside world has to be provided by some other means. Satellite is one of the solutions to provide this and sometimes the only solution. Current expectations dictate that satellite will be seen not only as a component of an alternative routing path but also as part of a unique (really integrated) system. The concept of a hybrid MANET-Satellite network is therefore a natural evolution of considering the problem of providing local and remote connectivity in a highly mobile, dynamic and often remote environment. These composite networks raise significant challenges such as: optimising network resources and link availability; providing Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE); minimizing costs and energy. The EC FP7 project MONET will address precisely these issues by considering the end-to-end optimization of resource management in a hybrid network, taking into account its impact on both the MANET and satellite segments. 
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