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First PSCE Forum 2012 - MONET presentation

posted 11 May 2012, 03:38 by Guido Oddi   [ updated 22 Jun 2012, 01:43 ]

The MONET consortium presented the concept, the objective, the scenarios and the main results of the MONET project within the first 2012 PSCE Forum Conference. 

PSCE Conference was held in Helsinki (Finland) on 30 and 31 May 2012

PSCE conferences traditionally contain presentations of top-level policymakers, academic researchers, industrial experts and other interested stakeholders addressing the new developments in the area of public safety communications. 

The main objective of MONET project in the context of PSCE Forum dissemination event was to show that the integrated use of satellite communication and terrestrial networks (especially MANET networks) provides a large applicability in a high number of end-users scenario (including, but not limited to, the scenarios presented and studied within the MONET project). Moreover the approach used in MONET, i.e. by improving each segment separately but also taking into account the system as a whole - see WP4 optimizations for further details - are required to ensure high-level results, in terms of performances and reliability, for the end-users. 

The following representatives of the MONET consortium participated to the PSCE Forum:

Philippe Boutry (ASTR)
Haitham Cruickshank (UNIS)
André Oliveira (TEK)
Antonio Pietrabissa (CRAT)

André Oliveira (the coordinator of MONET) presented the project. The presentation was well received and a fruitful discussion took place. In particular topics as security, satellite architectures and video encoding mechanisms were discussed with the audience. Moreover, the MONET consortium advertises the audience about the field trial to be held in Madrid. The representatives of the MONET consortium attended the User Committee and the R&D Committee of the PSCE Forum. The User Committee has given the opportunity to exchange ideas with potential end users, especially about user involvement in the project (Advisory Board setup), the structure of the field trials (division in technical tests and operational tests), requirements (tied to the test scenarios), application and services (voice, video), etc.

During the event, the MONET node was presented and shown to the PSCE forum audience (see figure below).

As event result, PSCE will produce a press release of the forum describing the event and the MONET dissemination action. It will also disseminate MONET field trial invitations among its members.

For further information about the event, please refer to the PSCE Forum web site.