Project Definition


The potential of Mobile wireless Adhoc Networks (MANET) is significantly high. However, MANET applications often happen in infrastructure-less or remote regions where remote connectivity to the outside world has to be provided by some other means. Satellite is one of the solutions to provide this and sometimes the only solution.
Current expectations dictate that satellite will be seen not only as a component of an alternative routing path but also as part of a unique (really integrated) system.
The concept of a hybrid MANET-Satellite network is therefore a natural evolution of considering the problem of providing local and remote connectivity in a highly mobile, dynamic and often remote environment. MONET (Mechanisms for Optimization of hybrid ad-hoc and satellite NETworks) will study the challenges of such composite networks with particular focus on the following:
  • Optimising network resources and link availability;
  • Providing Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE);
  • And minimizing costs and energy.
Issues such as the re-organisation of MANET to connect to satellite access points, re-organisation of the satellite access points, selection of which satellite access points to use, the use of satellite as a relay between two MANET, the adjustment of routing in accordance with the current network situation and the exchange of cross layer information to improve resource management will be investigated.
MONET innovates by considering the end-to-end optimization of resource management in a hybrid network,
taking into account its impact on both the MANET and satellite segments. MONET architecture will be as
terrestrial technology-agnostic as possible. MONET will propose and develop solutions for the optimization of a hybrid MANET-Satellite network, implement prototypes of the most promising algorithms and protocols and test them using COTS hardware in both laboratory and in the field, using several use-case scenarios.


MONET established the following objectives:
  • To develop a complete understanding of the complexity underlying the dynamic heterogeneous environment;
  • To optimize the use of satellite access links in a MANET through changes in topology and resources used;
  • To provide seamless broadband services to everyone at any time by optimized algorithms;
  • To overcome performance bottlenecks to enable a more pervasive and optimized network structure.

MONET Expected Results

The accomplishment of the proposed objectives will bring noteworthy added value to specific application scenarios (some of them well known as MANET applications):
  • Providing remote access and broadband to rural or remote areas (helping to bridge the digital divide; collaborative work and e-business; everyday operations of large field teams; health services and telemedicine);
  • Providing on-demand connectivity to airports and aircraft;
  • Public Safety (providing emergency communications during/after disasters; forest fires, floods and earth-quakes and coastal monitoring).

Work Breakdown Structure